Alex: You need to know your limits

As a business leader, the mere idea of 'holding back' can seem counterintuitive to long-term success. But trust us: sometimes restraint is actually way more effective.

One common problem in any workplace, whether it's a newcomer, an experienced staff member or a boss, is that people are constantly burning themselves out because they don't know their limits. We get it – you're trying to do it all. But that's just not conducive to a positive environment.

When you're spread way too thin and your focus is split across a million different tasks, how can you be as effective as you need to be? The bottom line: you can't. That's because to perform at your very best you first need to know your limits.So how do you show your team that less is actually more? First, you need to set the example yourself. Practise identifying when you've done enough. It won't happen overnight, but soon you'll start to figure out your limitations and when you are mentally 'spent'.

This video offers a range of tips on getting to know your limits. It will also reveal why there's no shame in refusing to burn out. On the contrary, it's through restraint that you can teach your team exceptional habits for the workplace.

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