Alex: You don't need to do everything yourself

In any leadership position, it's easy to get locked into the train of thought that you have to do everything yourself – you have to earn your place, and the only way you can do that is by being seen as a busy leader. But that's actually the opposite of what your role demands.

So many leaders tag themselves with the Chief Do Everything Officer moniker. They love putting out fires, reacting to everything and simply being present and involved in every workplace activity – whether or not their skill set applies.

But when you try to do it all, you end up becoming the Master of Nothing and the Leader of No One. And without a firm leader who understands their strengths and delegates other tasks appropriately, your team can't thrive as a cohesive unit.

It's an easy trap to fall into, particularly when you realise it's the ego mixed with confidence and sprinkled with a serving of the desire to be seen as 'busy' at all times.

This video will explain why doing everything yourself is an unhealthy obsession for many leaders. It will also give you some key pointers to recognise when this is happening so you can take stock and reassess your strategy.

Remembering that you don't need to do everything yourself is just one piece of the leadership puzzle. For a personal accountability coach that lives in your pocket, check out the High-Performance Leadership app by Trampoline:


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