When you're in a crisis, do you do?

By Cam Upshall, Director & Co-Founder
on September 9, 2019
Go on, be honest. When an unexpected problem rocks the business, and you have no immediate answers, how do YOU react?
Do you jump the gun, hide from the s* flying from the fan and assume the worst? Do you go into overdrive to find a way back to the safety of status quo?

Fact is, how you view challenging situations has a knock-on effect on how your people deal with them. If you treat every crisis as some kind of disaster, then your organisation will approach them with a closed mindset and dismiss the hidden opportunities. NOT good!

But you know what – great leaders can turn a crisis into a huge positive (I call it a crisis-tunity). And I'm going to show you how to do it.
Benefits from monumental crisis
John F. Kennedy once said, "When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity."

Powerful stuff, right? Except, JFK's statement was misunderstood. But I wanted to use it here anyway to show the idea of turning a crisis into something good has been around for ages.

There's the growing resilience as well that comes with getting through a big crisis. Kind of like building muscles – the more you use them, the stronger they get.

And let's not forget that when the s* hits the fan it brings people together through shared experience and renewed focus to solve the problem at hand.
Let's not forget the way the dire straits can bring people together through shared experience and renewed focus to solve the problem at hand.
What great leaders do when BAD things happen
But why are some leaders better at finding and converting these opportunities than others? I reckon it comes down to being open and having a 'crisis-tunity' mindset.

Great leaders seem to remain calm when crisis strikes. Imagine how you'll feel hearing the uncertainty in the voice that says, "I don't really know what to do." Now think of a leader who confidently says, "I'm out of my depth here but let's figure this one out."

See the difference? Now I've been both these leaders at some stage (who says I'm perfect?!) so I know what happens: the second leader gets the ideas flowing while the first sets in panic and starts chasing their tail.

Another thing I've noticed. Great leaders go beyond managing the crisis. They somehow rise above it by leading how the event is perceived both internally and externally, and reframe the problem so everyone can look at it from a fresh perspective. They ditch the familiar, question traditional approaches, and work to get buy-in so they can try new things.
Great leaders go beyond managing the crisis.
STOP chasing the shiny ball
While many challenges present opportunities, it's NEVER a good idea to change for change's sake. Ever heard of the shiny ball syndrome? Yeah I have that from time to time. When I zoom out this is really all about losing focus and moving from task-to-task too quickly. So here's what I'm teaching myself – the best thing to do when you spot a potential opportunity is to assess whether it fits with your vision, mission and definition of success. GO FOR IT when there's a strategic fit, but don't forget to measure the outcomes with clear metrics.

Remember, crises are not always disastrous. Adopt a crisis-tunity mindset and seize incredible opportunities where others see only danger.

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