Alex: What is the whirlwind – and why do you need to avoid it?

If you've ever been in a leadership position, you'll definitely know the pressure that comes with seemingly having to fill your days with activities. It's relentless, and it can make it seem like there's never enough time in the day. This is called the whirlwind.Busyness has become something of a badge of honour in business circles – if you aren't busy, you aren't working hard enough, right? Not exactly.

Did you realise that the busier you get, the less effective you actually become? Exhaustion, lack of creativity, suffering results – they're all by-products of the whirlwind we call 'needing to be busy'.

So, should you really keeping struggling down this path, or should you instead commit to doing less work but work that's way more effective? The best option looks pretty obvious…

This video will explain why pushing yourself to the limit is actually the complete opposite of what you should really be doing. It will advise you on some simple tips so you don't end up falling in a heap, and instead recognise the jobs that you can tackle most effectively so you don't end up getting caught in the 'busy' whirlwind of unnecessary duties.

Being able to understand – and avoid – the whirlwind is just one piece of the leadership puzzle. For a personal accountability coach that lives in your pocket, check out the High-Performance Leadership app by Trampoline:


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