Alex: What do you do when faced with a crisis?

So what do you do in a crisis? Mindset is obviously a big part of it, and we have done some great videos around whether you see a crisis as an opportunity, and how to approach it with that mindset (check out my other videos if you are keen to know more).

In today's video though, I have been thinking more about how you zero in on the stuff that is super important when you are under pressure. Because guaranteed, no matter the situation, if there is something that is putting you under pressure, your mind will be going at 100k an hour and will be filled with noise.

So the challenge in this scenario is how to block out the noise, block out the emotion and 'triage' what is mission critical.

I recently had a friend of mine who was in a really tough position. They had a senior staff member resign unexpectedly, and had a looming deadline to deliver a finished product to their biggest client.

It was really hard for her to get over her initial shock at first, and a sense of betrayal that this had even happened. Then she went into a bit of a vortex where she panicked about how to replace this staff member, how she would deliver to her client, how this had happened in the first place, and what had she done wrong.

The intervention I made with her, was to zero in on what was the most important part of this whole mess. When she took a breath, she said "Delivering to this big client is the single most important thing we need to do right now."

Once she had that clarity, she then focused in on that one problem – sure the other stuff had to be dealt with – but this was the single priority.

We then broke down what had to be delivered what was the 'minimum viable' that could be delivered to that client that would give them what they needed? Were there any features that weren't mission critical for immediate delivery?

Then, she focused on what resources she needed to get that minimum viable delivery done.

So my top tip for you when faced with a crisis situation is to zero in on the one thing that is totally non negotiable and totally necessary.

Once you have defined that, then be really pragmatic.

  • What do you need to do to make it happen?
  • What can you simplify?
  • What resources do you need?
  • Now where will you find those to get the job done?
Once my friend focused on this – it was still stressful, but it helped her to really zero in on what was important and meet that client delivery.


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