Throw out 'customer first' -put your PEOPLE first

By Cam Upshall, Director & Co-Founder
on September 11, 2019
Work backwards from the BEST customer experience. It starts with engaged employees.
Richard Branson is a phenomenal leader and businessman, right? So it makes sense to follow his success formula: put staff first, customers second and shareholders third.

Shareholders do well, customers do better and your employees are HAPPY. Win-win.

Branson's approach is backed by some solid research data. A recent study found a strong link between employee well-being reported on Glassdoor and happy customers. We've dug into this further and I reckon you can just about double customer satisfaction if you get employee experience right.

Look, the evidence is there so tap into what you know deep down: your staff have to come first. And seriously, it's NEVER too late to turn the conventional 'customer first' mantra on its head and lead differently to get a better result.
It just WORKS
See what happens when we think an experience is f* phenom? We rave about it, right? We talk about it with enthusiasm, energy and excitement. We share it with our tribe, and we tell them to try it out for themselves too.

Now imagine if your people feel that way about your business. Will they say good stuff about it? YES. Will they put passion into everything they do? YES. Will they go the extra mile to give your customers the best experience? ABSOLUTELY.

It's exactly as Branson says - if your people have the right tools, feel proud of the brand and are treated well, they'll be happy and your customers will have a lot nicer experience. It's not rocket science.

You're in. Ok, so how do you create an amazing experience that you employees will rave about?
So what happens when an experience is f*phenom?
We rave about it, right?
Think of your people as your MOST valuable customers
Start reflecting on what your employees go through from a customer experience perspective. Think about the whole shebang from the interview stage, onboarding and beyond. You've gotta be unflinchingly honest here - how do you really treat people? Do your actions and words communicate respect or demands? What are some things you can do to improve your relationship with your staff?

Now, showing people they're valued DOESN'T have to involve big ticket items. From a customer service perspective, what's often talked about is the idea of Giving Little Unexpected Extras (or GLUE). A business leader I know talks about it as Thrilling Little Things. Same same.
Showing people they're valued ISN'T about
big ticket items.
Small things DO add up
Take Spotify, for example. They don't pay bonuses, but they have a progressive parental leave policy and let employees choose a public holiday that's meaningful to them. Awesome, right? And it works. They have INCREDIBLE loyalty and engagement.

You could also do stuff like letting people take their birthday off (c'mon who wouldn't love that?!), introduce flexible working, and invest in staff training and development.

Even small day-to-day things can have a big impact. Yup. Like giving people the time of day, providing authentic and constructive feedback, and saying proper thank yous (look-them-in-the-eye -I-mean it type).
Giving work MEANING and PURPOSE
So here's the Crucial Thing. Make work PURPOSEFUL. People want to be part of something bigger than themselves, so if you have a vision that goes beyond making money, awesome. Get your people super excited about it, because that's an incredibly powerful weapon to lift engagement.

At the end of the day your people are your brand ambassadors. So give them an experience they rave about, make them feel invested in your brand, and you'll have happy customers. And listen! If they tell you something's s*, then they're probably onto something. No-brainer.

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