Alex: The 5 Ps for transforming your day

Want an injection of business nous that could transform your day? As a business leader who's running big and busy teams, you'll love the insights you can get from the 5 Ps for transforming your day.

If people are vying for your time but you just aren't sure whether a meeting is going to be a valuable use of your workday, start by asking them the 5 Ps:

1. What's your purpose? Asking them why you're having this meeting will clarify whether it's actually essential or not.

2. What's the product? Get some info about what they – and you – want to get out of the meeting.

3. Which people need to be here? Get them to outline who needs to be in the meeting and why. This is an effective filter to cut out the fat (i.e. people who really don't need to be there!).

4. What's the process? Find out whether they need this to be a recurring meeting, the amount of time they need to speak to you, and (this is important!) whether they can send through the agenda beforehand.

5. How prepared are you? Too often we run into meetings without having done our due diligence, which means wasted time for ourselves and our team. Make sure everyone is prepared before the meeting takes place.

My video covers the 5 magic Ps as well as teaching you how to make sure they align with your company values. Plus some tips to streamline meetings!

If you want to be a master of the 5 Ps check out my video. But these are just one piece of the leadership puzzle. For a personal accountability coach that lives in your pocket, check out the High-Performance Leadership app by Trampoline:


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