Alex: The 1% difference – how to get remarkable results

It might sound negligible, but a 1% difference in your business could lead to a remarkable change. So what's yours?

You might have noticed how lots of high performers bandy about the term 'one percenters'. What they mean by this is that their business is always in flux – they are constantly tweaking and improving different elements to boost their overall performance.

Their belief is that even a 1% difference counts, and this is what typically sets a high performer apart from just a mediocre leader. The 'one percenters' aren't happy to settle with 'just good enough'. Rather, they have their fingers in every pie and are regularly evaluating whether things are running at maximum efficiency.

When you think about both your development as well as your team's, layer it with a film of the 1% difference. By this we mean, what are the small yet achievable habits that you could implement to perform at an even higher level?

This video explores how even a 1% difference can turn an average business into a hugely successful one. It will walk you through the questions you need to ask to get into the right mentality, and how to break down what it takes to be a great leader.

Recognising the power of just 1% difference is only one piece of the leadership puzzle. For a personal accountability coach that lives in your pocket, check out the High-Performance Leadership app by Trampoline:


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