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This blog inspires emerging and experienced leaders with a thirst for knowledge and self-improvement. Here, globally reknown leading experts in their field share their collective brainpower and personal insights – from high-performance leadership, financial wellbeing, personal branding.
Put your people first!
Your staff have to come first. Now it's common to hear business leaders talk about customer first, but less common even today to hear leaders talk about the concept of their staff coming before customers.
Becoming an emotional intelligence jedi
Have you ever found yourself getting halfway into an argument and thinking "I never meant to get into an argument with this person?" Or accidentally hitting 'reply all' to an email that frustrated you? We've all been there. But what if you could learn to navigate your emotions skillfully and become an "emotional Jedi?"
Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Are you feeling overwhelmed? Well, if you are there'll be some underlying reasons why this is happening. Particularly if you're someone who likes to take on a lot, move fast, and constantly strives to be better. Time to take back control! Here's how...
Three magic motivators
In an earlier video called the "Do Something Principle" I shared a quick tip to get our motivation kick-started. But what about longer term? How do we align our work to what matters most and really fuel our contribution and motivation?
Developing emotional awareness
Do you draw on the wisdom of your emotions as a leader? If you do, wonderful, but if not, making wise decisions – which is an important aspect of leadership – also depends on our ability to draw on the wisdom of our emotions.
When a key person leaves
Have you considered what would happen to your business if someone (actually, when someone) you really value leaves? So many leaders fail to mitigate this risk! If you haven't then make sure you follow these simple steps to getting things in order..
Create calm in your day
How many of you have experienced some level of stress in the last week? Most of us, I bet. Whether it's an ever-growing inbox, back-to-back meetings, your family responsibilities, or a tense encounter with a colleague, client or spouse ...stress affects almost everyone.
My secrets to a great presentation
My personal tips for preparing an awesome presentation! Whether you're presenting to a room with hundreds of audience members, or delivering a strategy update to your executive team, or even doing your first ever briefing to a team as a new leader.
How do you influence your stakeholders?
As you get more senior you tend to build up more authority, and you also have more experience. Both great traits to have for influencing others!
How to handle your triggers
Wouldn't we all love to never again feel anxious or stressed the next time an angry customer called us or we received a terse email from our boss? Of course we would. But it's unlikely. We call these triggers and they show up regularly in our lives.
Resilience: Finding the Sweet Spot
In this video we'll explore how to recover from a setback, which is an important, empowering strength of resilient wellbeing.
Being courageous leads to burnout
In my early days as a leader, I used to think that courage was enough because it's such an inherent part of being a leader. I would make hard calls. I would work harder than most. I'd take the hits for my team. And I was never afraid to challenge the status quo. In fact, during my whole career that is true.
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