Emotional Intelligence

Heather: Superpower for the future of work

Did you know Emotional Intelligence is now considered a Superpower for the Future of Work?

It's so critical to high-performance that the World Economic Forum now lists EQ as one of the TOP TEN SKILLS for the Future of Work.

Emotional intelligence refers to a different way of being smart. It's different than IQ – it's how you manage yourself and your relationships.

Here's why it's so important… How many of you feel wired, "always on"? Well, not surprisingly this makes it hard to stay emotionally balanced and be at your best. If this is you, you're not alone. I'm right there with you. I've been an international business leader for over 20 years in the fast-moving world of financial services. Not too long ago I was at the top of my game professionally and by all accounts from the outside, I was thriving. But I didn't feel that way. In fact, I burned out from stress. And then I discovered the power of building emotional intelligence and my own mental resilience to thrive again.

I know first hand It's not easy being a business leader in our complex world, but here's the great news: These are LEARNED skills and research shows they are incredibly valuable to your success and happiness as a leader.

So, are you motivated to get started? Here's a great practice to start building your own emotional intelligence superpower….

High-performance leaders regularly take time out of their day for personal reflection. Take a 5-minute break today. I know you are busy but it will be worth it.

Either go for a short walk or journal. Here are two important questions for self-reflection: What do you love about your work? And, What are some of your biggest challenges?

Here's the thing. Our brains are naturally wired with a negativity bias– an important survival mechanism that helps us notice threats and what's wrong in our world – but sometimes it can get into overdrive mode at work, so make sure you spend equal time considering both of these questions. Then, read what you wrote or re-reflect on your thoughts if you didn't jot them down. Did anything surprise you? Were there any new insights? Notice: How did you feel before and after?

It may seem simple, but ask yourself: What's the benefit for you? Just this short reflection practice can help expand your perspective out of the day to day, help you see situations more clearly and build your self-awareness – this is the foundation for all other EQ skills.

I'll be building on this with more EQ tips in my coming videos. So enjoy the practice. Know that in 5 short minutes today you're already strengthening your skills as an emotionally intelligent leader ????

To learn more, check out my free, bite-sized courses on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership here: https://trampolineplatform.com/HPL


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