Alex: Stop refining and just DO SOMETHING!

The importance of just doing something as opposed to spending hours perfecting and polishing an idea that might never actually work.

Now, you may have heard of the concept of having a minimum viable product. Now, this concept is all about doing just as much as you need to, to have a product or service of sufficient quality to test with your market. The emphasis here is on testing and getting feedback fast from real people. This is the fastest way to know what resonates, what doesn't, and what you need to fix for the next iteration. Now, this process is in marked contrast to constantly refining, tinkering and theorizing without ever delivering anything. Often what happens here is that when you finally deliver the perfect product, the opportunity has either passed or your customers or audience don't like it. The trouble is that with this way of going about things, you've wasted a heap of time and money and momentum along the way. So let's now apply this philosophy to another example.

Perhaps it's to trying a new strategy in the business or launching a new project to internal stakeholders. Maybe it's just a goal that you've set yourself personally, that you're yet to do anything with. In any of these examples, launching that initiative, executing on the strategy, holding yourself accountable to the first step towards that goal, you will gain far more than you stand to lose just by taking that first step.

Even if you have proven something doesn't work, then you failed fast, and this will mean you don't waste more time, energy, or money than you actually need to. So top tips. Have clear goals, define what success looks like, and then get the first iteration done and refine it next time. This attitude of going into things knowing that once you've done them, spend the time to look at what you have done, can do better, and what you'll do next time. The trap is, if you're constantly refining it and never executing it will cost you way more in the long run, including your professional cred. So remember, even if you execute, if it's not right, you get better results than if you don't execute it all. Try it and see how you go.

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