Human resources as a catalyst of change in the age of disruption
By Alex Tullio, CEO
on March 1, 2019
Human resources as a catalyst of change in the age of disruption
By Alex Tullio, CEO
on March 1, 2019
Especially in the context of today's business, change is the only thing that's constant. From the advent of millennials to the constant disruption offered by ever-advancing technology, most companies are now operating in an environment of uncertainty and ambiguity.
In light of all this disruption, leaders in Human Resources (HR) now face a new challenge: how to create a workforce and business environment that is both flexible and adaptable enough to move with the speed of technological advancement, all the while ensuring that employees still feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment?

The problem is that traditional approaches to leadership are usually slow, inflexible, and closed to creativity and innovation. But one way that HR leaders can remedy that is by integrating technology into existing processes to make workplaces future-proof.
Embracing Technology
We all know technology has the capacity to connect people, information, and systems. Great tech done right encourages collaboration, productivity and promotes rewarding experiences. So while it propels the rate of disruption, technology must be embraced to make organisations run efficiently.

Digital adoption is centered in HR. That means, before rolling out incredibly cool tech solutions to an entire workforce, HR leaders need to grasp the latest invention, and understand how it impacts employees -- in order to truly disrupt the status quo.

After all, new technology, no matter how sophisticated, will not work on a workforce that isn't ready to love it.

Therefore, more than just an adaption of new technologies, HR leaders need to develop an "AGILE MODEL" in the workplace that prepares employees to deal with mega-disruption.
The "AGILE" digital leader should be:

A - Adaptable to the demands of the workforce

G - Generate confidence in the change process

I - Individualise his/her approach to understand every person as one of a kind

L - Liberal in his/her thinking

E - Eager to learn and thrive in a competitive environment

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