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for self-improvers
& high performers.

With a personal accountability coach in your pocket, it's easy to keep on top of your game. Get High-Performance Leadership App!
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Self development
on the go!
Personalised kick-off plan
Your very own kick-off plan to fast-track your professional development. It's about YOU and your journey with daily coaching from the best, plus bite-sized courses designed to help you continuously improve – every day, every step of the way.
Your own mentor and coaching from the very best
A pocket sized MENTOR that helps you be the best you can be! The best coaches know how to motivate, set realistic goals, reward and recognise achievement to get the best results. That's why we built High-Performance Leadership app.

Challenges that get you closer to your goals
Let's do this! Kick off your leadership goals, set check-points along the way with motivating challenges that propel you to ACTION. Track your own progress and feel a sense of real satisfaction as you check things off.
Data to drive and track change
Know that you're truly getting ahead with the DATA to drive and track change. See those 1% changes that you're making every day convert into something bigger, more purposeful and meaningful to you. This is how you get to where you want to be.
Be the best you can be.
Get to where you want to be.
An app to make you better at what you do

What's really cool about High-Performance Leadership app is that it actually helps you get better at what you do, every single day. Small, incremental changes that lead to remarkable results, making you one of the top 1% high performers.
Quick and easy to use
A self-development tool that teaches leadership
This is a totally different way to teach leadership, in a way that makes total sense to you! Forget stuffy corporate courses. Packed with the things you really need to know to improve, test and challenge your leadership skills, High-Performance Leadership App teaches you the small changes that make all the difference!
With High-Performance Leadership App you'll feel like you're winning and getting ahead, and you will be! It's gamified to help you beat your personal best, become the best leader, and get to where you want to be in your career!
Check-in on the train, at work, anytime or anywhere you like. It's so easy to pick up where you left off. Whatever your appetite for high performance, everything's designed in bite-sized chunks. That's how small steps quickly become big achievements.
Become a better version of you
It works.
High-Performance Leadership is everything that I wish someone taught me years ago! It's like having your own personal mentor, on the go. My favourite part is that it gives high performers like you access to the best of the best. It's just so incredibly motivating!
Alex Tullio
Behind every successful athlete is a brilliant coach. High-Performance Leadership effectively brings this formula into your world, driving you to be the absolute best you can be. This app takes a proven approach to help you achieve outstanding results.
CEO & HPL Coach
Steve Hooker
Olympic Medallist
& Co-Founder
Meet your coaches.
Alex Tullio is the incredible, vibrant CEO of Trampoline, and a highly successful executive leader turned leadership coach and mentor. She's on a mission to break down the secrets to real success, get rid of the fluff, share her own mistakes and the behind the scenes learnings from over 20 years growing profitable businesses. So whether you want to be an extraordinary leader or an outrageously successful entrepreneur, you need clarity of vision, the right tools, team and structure around you, and an environment that sets you up for success. That's Alex's Zone of Genius!
by Alex Tullio
High-Performance Leadership
Heather Dawson is an internationally experienced business leader, self-proclaimed "recovering perfectionist", and one of the first 100 Certified Teachers in the world of the highly acclaimed Search Inside Yourself® (SIY) program, developed at Google. SIY is a transformative leadership program that uses the power of mindfulness and neuroscience to train emotional intelligence skills for enhanced leadership, performance, happiness and wellbeing. Heather's down-to-earth approach, combined with her expert knowledge, brings emotional intelligence to the forefront of every leader's success journey.
by Heather Dawson
Emotional Intelligence Leadership
What you get
Daily content from the best in the business
Access to the world's best coaches
Get your own personal accountability coach, plus access to the best high-performance leaders in the world.
A proven way to improve
Inspired by the very best coaches in the world, plus a scientifically proven approach, that's what makes it so effective.
Motivational coaching from top leaders with daily videos, bite-sized courses and challenges designed for high performance.
Be Successful With High-Performance Leadership App.
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Commit to life-time improvement.
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