How do you pick a TOP performer from your candidate shortlist

By Cam Upshall, Director & Co-Founder
on September 24, 2019
Take it from me: when it comes to picking out high-fliers, it's the LITTLE things that make a BIG difference.
Perhaps you brought someone on board because they were absolute amazeballs in the interview, but aren't rocking it now that they're part of the team. Or maybe you're in the thick of a recruitment drive and can't decide between two frontrunners. Whatever it is, you're kicking yourself thinking: Why can't I make good hiring choices?

What I've realised over the years is that it's bloody impossible to tell if someone is a top 10%er just by scanning their CV and asking a few interview questions. Sure, you find out about their qualifications and what they've done in the past, but these aren't the things to look out for if you want to hire high performers.

Here's the thing: high performers get almost everything right consistently because they really care about creating a strong personal brand and are driven to being part of something bigger than themselves. Now that translates to some common attitudes and behaviours you can suss out during the hiring process.
Top performers do this ONE thing consistently
Our CEO Alex had a fascinating chat recently with hiring expert Judith Beck about spotting the top 10%ers (totally recommend you tuning into our podcast to listen to it!). Judith has conquered the recruitment sphere with a crazy amount of experience built up over 25 years and 40,000 interviews. No joke.

Judith saw top performers consistently do this one thing when interacting with their potential employer - they treat everyone at the office equally. That tells you a lot about what you can expect from them as employees.

It's such an obvious thing, isn't it? But some candidates just don't get it. They assume one person is more important than another. So they'll lick the boots of the interviewer but treat their EA like sh#t. I bet you've seen that sort of crap, right? But a person who fails to treat everyone the same isn't mature or smart enough to see that absolutely everyone in an organisation has a role to play in its success. So I don't give a toss how good their CV looks, candidates like that ain't joining my team!
A person who fails to treat everyone the same isn't mature or smart enough to see that absolutely everyone in an organisation has a role to play in its success.
Showing you a strong personal brand
In today's hyperconnected world, there really is no excuse for not showing common courtesies of returning phone calls, emails and text messages. Even if they happen to be away for a few days when you try to reach them, high performers will always respond quickly and set your expectations of when they'll be available.

They know every interaction with you is an opportunity to earn your trust and express their personal brand - to demonstrate their values, how they treat people and how they'd like to be remembered. High performers simply don't give you reasons to knock them off the shortlist!
Every interaction with you as an opportunity to earn your trust and express their personal brand.
A positive attitude is just the start
And just about every job ad goes on about a positive attitude. But let's get real. The top 10%ers offer way more than that - they are positive, but also helpful and willing to learn.

Positivity is about being confident without being arrogant, and not putting up barriers.

Helpfulness is underrated in my humble opinion - like wanting to lend a hand and going beyond the call of duty. Contrast this to a low performer who will do just enough to get by.

And if that person is keen to keep learning and improve professionally as well you've got a top performer right there. Hire them quick!

Look, the point is, don't just rely on interviews and assessment tools when you're hiring. Keep your eyes open to how a candidate behaves in all their interactions with you and your people. It's the little things that speaks volumes.
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