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Alex: How self-reflection impacts you as a leader

The ability to self-reflect is imperative to being not just a good leader, but a successful one as well. The very best leaders don't simply snap into existence. They spend years working on themselves before they evolve into the fully formed, self-reflective leaders we look up to.

You've all heard the definition of insanity: doing the same thing time and time again but expecting a different result. That's what happens to leaders who fail to self-reflect. They don't realise why something isn't working because they are only looking externally.

The problem is that it's simply human nature to not want to look at ourselves as being responsible for a problem, especially if it's a hurdle that was easily avoidable. Why? Because it speaks to that innate fear we all have: that maybe we're not good enough, not smart enough, or that something else is going on that we just can't figure out.

By becoming a self-reflective leader, you learn to accept that there will be lows as well as highs – and that's okay. Reflection is a powerful tool because it allows you to take the time necessary to learn from those lows.

This video will explain why it's so essential for leaders to self-reflect, whether you've been in the game for years, just starting out in a leadership position, or you aspire to be a leader that others look up to.

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