Hiring intelligently: why it's okay to be outshined

By Alex Tuillio, CEO
on September 24. 2019
Is your ego preventing you from recruiting superstars?
Here's a question for you: Do you think it's more important to hire someone who is malleable and follows instructions, or someone who is smarter than you?

Now your answer is so important because it says a lot about the way you hire, the team dynamics at your workplace and the culture you're building. And if you've been watching my videos or tuning into my podcast, you would've heard me say this a few times already - GREAT leaders surround themselves with people smarter than themselves.

So why is this the case? Let's talk some more.
Best leaders see OPPORTUNITIES when others see threat
Top leaders are confident and incredibly curious. They are also wise enough to know that they can't possibly know everything. So when they meet someone smarter, more creative or better skilled, they ask themselves: what can I learn from this person?

It's such a positive attitude, right? And such a powerful way to personal and organisational growth too. But why don't all leaders respond the same way? Why are some chiefs intimidated by people who are more intelligent or are afraid of being shown up?
When top leaders meet someone smarter, more creative or better skilled, they ask themselves: what can I learn from this person?
Your beliefs around what leadership means
What it comes down to is what YOU think it means to be a leader.

Leaders who see their main responsibility as telling people what to do, or who feel their job is to have all the answers, would see someone better than them as a threat to their leadership.

But making yourself the centre of it all means you're effectively putting yourself ahead of the business and ahead of the team. It means your organisation's growth will be limited by your growth. You won't get you the results you want, and it's also a fast road to totally burning out.

Think about it - if you're the only one who knows best, then what happens when you need time off?

Leadership expert Judith Beck agrees that it's important to hire people who can fill your shoes. Judith, founder and CEO of Finance Executive Women, has mentored many senior executives around Australia. She had this to say about successful leaders:

"A sign of a good leader is that when they're on holiday, they have someone in the team who can take over and do everything they do. They've made sure the world won't cave in when they need to be away."

I totally agree.
Bringing out the best rather than trying to BE the best
Remember, this isn't about how much intelligence YOU bring to the table. So you've got to find a way to let go of ego.

Your role as a leader is actually about finding the smartest and the brightest, getting them on board and inspiring them with your vision. You are responsible for providing the right tools and resources, and to build a supportive environment where your talent can thrive.
This isn't about how much intelligence YOU bring to the table. So you've got to find a way to let go of ego.
The thing is, the sky's the limit when your people have everything they need to get going. They can do things you never even knew was possible. They can improve products and processes you thought were already perfect. They can make your company more innovative, fast-track progress and solve problems you can't on your own. They boost your company's value by building up in-house ability, and potentially saves you from paying for consultants and external contractors.

The clincher? With smarter and better skilled people on board, you're free to focus on other things that matter.
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