Championing inevitable change across all layers of an organisation

By Jayden Williams, Consultant
on April 21, 2019

Championing inevitable change across all layers of an organisation

By Jayden Williams, Consultant
on April 21, 2019
The business and tech landscape is constantly evolving and being disrupted, so change is an inevitable part of today's professional environment. Organisations must be able to move as fast as the times if they want to remain competitive and thrive.
Unfortunately, change is easier said than done.

For one thing, change is a deeply personal experience. Before change can be implemented across an entire organisation, it must be ingrained in each individual. If you're a CEO intent on rippling change across thousands of employees that can certainly be a daunting prospect.

In order to effectively implement change, there must be a properly managed approach to implementing it.

Essentially, change management is an approach to ensuring the smooth and proper implementation of change across an organisation. One of the most important elements of change management is the presence of 'change champions'. After all, change is something that starts within individuals, so it must be individuals who spearhead it.

A change champion can be defined as:

"A change management advocate with a vision for what the process of change will look like and what milestones need to be reached to achieve the end goal. A change champion is in charge of the transition and provides oversight to assess the success of the project during each critical stage, as well as providing ongoing motivation and support to individuals and teams to help the enterprise achieve its desired change goals."
These change champions are a select group of influencers who can drive change across all layers of your organisation. But these champions aren't just any run-of-the-mill employee. According to the People Development Network, there are 10 characteristics to look for in a change champion:

  1. A willingness to listen to new ideas.
  2. Networking skills.
  3. A focus on solutions.
  4. Understanding of the organisation.
  5. A fearlessness to take risks.
  6. The ability to communicate the positives.
  7. Courage to ask for help.
  8. A focus on people.
  9. Unafraid to speak up.
  10. Values-driven.

Of course, it isn't enough that your company has agents of change – they must be managed, developed, supported and given the opportunity to resolve issues. It it crucial that change is backed by your exec team, because change that starts from the top is the most successful.

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