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Alex: Building personal resilience

Being a resilient person shouldn't just apply to your day-to-day life. It's actually a key part of becoming a successful leader.

No matter how experienced we are, how well-educated we are, or how connected we are, everyone comes up against setbacks and roadblocks that can make us feel like nothing ever goes to plan. But as a leader, it's vital that we have enough energy and resilience in ourselves to bounce back.

Sometimes it seems like we are working tirelessly – that we actually can't work any harder – and still nothing is going our way. But the trouble with that mentality is that there's only so much internal reserve in our tank. You can't keep putting everyone else first without taking some time to refill your energy. Remember: you have to fill up your own cup before you can be useful to anyone else, especially as a leader.It's a difficult pill to swallow for driven leaders. There's the voice constantly nagging us that we just have to keep moving forward and eventually things will get better. But here's the truth: sometimes you just need to apply the brakes, take a step back and analyse the situation logically. It's the only way you'll reach the heights of a successful, resilient leader.

This video will give you tips to slowing down and becoming more introspective to develop your resilience. It can be a tough lesson to learn, but it's a sure-fire way to evolving into the type of leader who can lead effectively.

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