Emotional Intelligence

Heather: Becoming an Emotional Intelligence Jedi

Have you ever found yourself getting halfway into an argument and thinking "I never meant to get into an argument with this person?" Or accidentally hitting 'reply all' to an email that frustrated you? We've all been there. But what if you could learn to navigate your emotions skillfully and become an "emotional Jedi?"

Just like Luke Skywalker learns to become a Jedi Knight, think of this as becoming an 'emotional intelligence Jedi'. We can become masters of our own experiences, moving more consciously about our day, having more choice in how we respond to the world around us. How empowering is that!

So in this session we're going to look at how to manage your emotions more skilfully, which is key to developing greater Emotional Intelligence – one of the most powerful skills you can learn to be at your best as a leader.

Here's how to develop your Emotional Jedi skills….

The next time you feel a strong emotion arise – take a breath. Slow down. Take a meaningful, valuable pause. Sounds simple? It's not. But with practise, you can master it. When it comes to managing your emotions skillfully, you can't work with something you can't see clearly. Taking some time to slow down and looking inward can be challenging. We're used to moving so fast – but when we can slow down and see things clearly – we can notice what's really going on for us is key.

Second, after you've taken a pause, notice and silently name the emotions going on for you. Now, this takes some practise too, but it's well worth it. It may be 'I'm feeling angry', 'I'm feeling anxious'. Now it's important here not to judge how you are feeling. It is what it is. Whatever emotion is there has a good reason to be there. So don't be too hard on yourself. Watch the emotion come and go, almost as you'd watch clouds floating by in the sky.

Third, here's the Jedi part: choose a wise response. Because you have taken time to pause and not react, you can respond wisely. A wise response is one that aligns with your own values and creates healthy relationships with others. For me, respect is a core value and I want to respond to someone (and myself) with the respect and dignity they deserve as a human being.

With practise these steps can be done in a matter of seconds and can prevent us from making a mistake – reacting in a way we will deeply regret later. Just like Luke Skywalker, you can become a Jedi knight when it comes to emotional intelligence, moving through the world with greater wisdom and mastery.

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