Alex: Be the open book – open that door!

If every member of your team was interviewed – without you in the room – and asked if you were an 'open book' with an open-door policy, what do you think they would say?

Here's a quick and powerful tip if you want to get the most out of your team: keep that door open and be an open book for them.

Sounds nice in theory, but it can't actually work in practice, right? After all, you've got so much on your plate already that you can't waste your entire day with unexpected walk-ins and additional tasks thrown at you.

But here's the truth: having an open-door policy doesn't mean you have to drop everything the minute people come knocking. It simply means you're available and open about your boundaries. So you'll want to educate your team about how and when you are available to freely interact with them, problem-solve their issues and discuss work-related strategies.

This video will explore ways to become an open book without driving yourself to the point of exhaustion. When you can locate that happy balance between motivated boss and having an open-door policy, you'll find your team becomes more cohesive and more trusting of your decision-making.

Being an open book is just one piece of the leadership puzzle. For a personal accountability coach that lives in your pocket, check out the High-Performance Leadership app by Trampoline:


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