A platform to engage, coach and grow your people.

Engaged, talented, high performing people make all the difference. That's why we built Trampoline. Try it for yourself.

Bring high performance to life.

Lift leadership capability
Motivational coaching for highly effective, performance based
Drive accountability
A personal accountability coach, to align activities with results, and make it happen.
Measure change
Powerful data to track change and drive results deep into the heart of your business.
Olympic level coaching for
your people.
High performance coaching
Based on proven, world-leading coaching techniques tested on athletes and high performing teams globally. That's how Trampoline takes leadership, people and performance to the next level.
Smart enough to reinforce behavioural change
As your people learn, develop and grow, set challenges and checkpoints along the way, with positive feedback to reinforce behavioural change. That's what makes Trampoline totally different.

From intrinsic rewards to
engaging experiences
The best coaches know how to motivate, set achievable goals, reward and recognise outstanding performance — to get the best results. That's what makes Trampoline so effective for learning, development and growth.
See results flow through to your bottom line
Companies with highly engaged employees and strong behavioural norms are more innovative and profitable, and get higher levels of customer satisfaction. That's what makes Trampoline so compelling.

A systematic approach
to changing behaviours.
Pinpoint the few critical behaviors that most affect results
With Trampoline, identify the critical behaviours that have the most direct impact on the business results you want to achieve.
Align behaviours with strategy and performance
With Trampoline, systematically develop, manage and track behavioural change at every level, to achieve predictable and superior performance.
Grow and nurture talent
We understand the importance of coaching people to reach their full potential. Trampoline helps you develop a healthy coaching culture in the workplace, giving you a platform to onboard, grow and nurture talent.
Sustain results to achieve great things
Trampoline lets you do that, with an inbuilt coaching mechanism proven to sustain strategic results over time.

We get it.
As a former executive in banking, responsible for 4,500 people, I needed a systematic way to develop and manage behaviour to achieve superior performance. Trampoline does exactly that.
Alex Tullio
Behind every successful athlete is an incredible coach. Trampoline effectively brings this formula into the corporate world, driving your people to achieve outstanding results.
CEO Trampoline
Steve Hooker
Olympic Medallist
Drive exceptional business results with Trampoline.
Meet the
Try it for
Bring it to life with
your people.
How can Trampoline make your impossible possible?
Meet the team

Alex Tullio

As the CEO of Trampoline, Alex's role is all about having a clear vision for the business, building a powerhouse team and shaping an environment where they can fly. Alex draws on her extensive experience in growing businesses and creating effective strategy to produce a compelling proposition that delivers huge value for our clients.

Cam Upshall

Director and Co-Founder
Cam is an award-winning software entrepreneur, and is reputed in the industry for people focused leadership and integrity. But he's not only about leveraging exceptional digital technologies. He also has a proven history for asking all the right questions, and in turn spearheading phenomenal business transformations.

Ozzie Kheir

Ozzie has an outstanding track record as a successful business developer, being the owner and leader of successful property, hospitality, advertising and corporate service businesses. Ozzie brings his astute flair for business, coupled with a genuine enthusiasm for commercially viable technology, to advise Trampoline's board of directors.

Steve Hooker

Director and Co-Founder
A gold medal background in athletics isn't the norm for growth advisors, but the Trampoline team isn't your run-of-the-mill talent. Steve's formidable energy, experience leading digital teams, and his proven formula for success drives the best out of our clients and their businesses, time and time again.

Charles Jacobson

Chief Technology Officer
Software Engineer

Theo Pelingan Jr.

Jayden Williams

Head Of User Experience

Dasha Pishta

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